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"Good morning, good evening, goodbye."
Vanessa Monogioudis

IDEO Munich Make-a-thon 2013

Inspired by previous IDEO Make-a-thons in London and Chicago, the IDEO Munich studio hosted its first Make-a-thon in July 2013. Under the theme of Good morning, good evening, goodbye, 60 participants from various backgrounds worked together on challenges inspired by people’s daily routines. With briefs that consisted only of a persons age and a specific time of the day, […]

"Good Morning, Good Evening, Good bye."
Vanessa Monogioudis

Join us in Munich on July 5th- 6th for a weekend of making

Ready to make a difference over the weekend? Join us for two fun and intense days of making, as we craft, hack, and build human-centered design solutions to real world challenges, working alongside IDEO designers from various disciplines. The theme for our Munich Make-a-thon is Good Morning, Good Evening, Good bye. We will tackle design […]

"We live in Chicago, so the idea of our company being called “Central Standard Timing” (CST) just made sense."
Dave Vondle

The evolution of the world’s thinnest watch, the CST-01

In January, Jerry O’Leary and I launched a Kickstarter campaign (currently <3 days to go) for the world’s thinnest watch, the CST-01. This is a watch we have worked on outside of project work while here at IDEO. On IDEO Labs, our aim is to share our process and give our readers an “under-the-hood” look at some […]

How to Survive the Holidays - Party!
"Happy 25th birthday, GIF!"
David Boardman

Happy 25th Birthday, GIF!

Happy 25th birthday, GIF! And WOW, you have come a long way in this quarter of a century. Since 1987, you have witnessed many historical events: you saw the birth of the Web, the rise and decline of Geocities, you survived the bubble, and, when Web 2.0 came and your time seemed to have […]

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"Demonstration of rapid hardware/smartphone prototyping with Bluetooth Low Energy"
Jimmy Chion

Bluetooth 4.0 as a prototyping tool

When the iPhone 4S launched in October of last year, it shipped with a feature that has yet to be fully utilized. That feature, Bluetooth 4.0 (also known as Bluetooth Low-Energy) is also in several new Apple products including the iPad 3 and MacBook Air. It is not unlike previous versions of Bluetooth, but it […]