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"A quick look at our favorite tools for building and prototyping"

Tools We Like

Between client projects and personal ventures, IDEO interaction designers and software engineers across our global offices spend a significant amount of time designing and building apps for iPhones and iPads. We’re part of the thousands of iOS developers worldwide beholden to the operating system’s wild popularity and sound frameworks. While we focus on the design [...]

"My recipe for innovation is thinking critically about technology and asking what you can do with it. "
Dominique Yahyavi

The Making of Spark Camera

Designer Dominique Yahyavi has always been compelled to capture amazing images. So, when the founder of IDEO’s Toy Lab, Brendan Boyle, gave him the green light to develop a new iOS video app, he jumped at the opportunity, working obsessively to create Spark. The app, which launched in October, 2013, quickly shot up through the Apple Store ranks, landing as [...]

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"Test-driving the usability of a food-tech startup’s new API."
Annette Ferrara

IDEO + Food Genius Curry Crawl

When the Food Genius team moved into an empty project space at IDEO Chicago to become our first Startup-in-Residence, we were cautiously optimistic. This co-locate-with-startups thing was new to both of us. Would they like us? Would we like them? It was like meeting our first college roommate all over again, only this one had [...]

"Conceptualize, build, and program a wirelessly-controlled-pneumatic-eye-popping pumpkin in just over an hour."
Garrett Winther

One Hour Prototype: iPhone Eye-Popping Pumpkin

For halloween, each IDEO location held a one-hour pumpkin carving competition. I thought it would be interesting to see how much tech I could jam into a pumpkin within the time limit. Luckily, I had an old pneumatics kit under my desk and recently stumbled upon an incredibly simple way to get my iPhone to [...]

Classic Bluetooth Headset Power
"The nostalgia is fun but there are also functional benefits."

Bluetooth Classic

  Although it was produced for 30+ years and in quantities of millions, this handset is now a relic.  My eight year old nephew has never seen it before.  Technology has progressed and phones are now designed to facilitate ever increasing levels of functionality.  As is often the case, with all that is gained, something [...]