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"When you're crunching against a tight deadline to design a new-to-the-world digital experience, you do a lot of learning on the fly."
Burton Rast

Tools We Like

When you’re crunching against a tight deadline to design a new-to-the-world digital experience, you do a lot of learning on the fly. One of the cornerstones of our design process at IDEO is that we build to learn. I’ve found I work more quickly and effectively prototyping in the browser itself. The global community of [...]

"How to make Arduino code act “psuedo-asynchronous” or “multi-threaded”"
Jimmy Chion

A Purse That Can Charge a Phone

For London Fashion Week, Vodafone teamed up with fashion designer Richard Nicoll and IDEO to bring a disruptive solution to life — a purse that charges a phone in style. On day one, we created three prototypes for making our idea catwalk ready. Not only did the phone and bag need to work together, we wanted the [...]

"There’s something so delightful about reinventing a classic. People love getting their portrait, and it reminds us that we’re all artists."
Julie Regina

How to Make a Fauxtobooth

There was a lot of work to be done. IDEO’s New York studio was to host an event to celebrate Tom and David Kelley’s new book, Creative Confidence, and whatever we designed had to reflect their ideas. Pressure on, we brainstormed over lunch — tools and sticky notes spread out across the largest room in [...]

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"A quick look at our favorite tools for building and prototyping"

Tools We Like

Between client projects and personal ventures, IDEO interaction designers and software engineers across our global offices spend a significant amount of time designing and building apps for iPhones and iPads. We’re part of the thousands of iOS developers worldwide beholden to the operating system’s wild popularity and sound frameworks. While we focus on the design [...]

"We brought hardcore genetics to life with Ralph's Killer Muenster, an iPad game inviting the science-curious to save San Francisco from mutant cheese"
Brad Simpson

Save the City, Stop the Muenster

1953 was a good year for science and technology. The polio vaccine was developed, the first open heart surgery performed, and color TVs hit the store shelves. It was also the year Watson and Crick revealed one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century: the double-helix structure of DNA. Sixty years later, amidst [...]