Tools We Like v3

The other day at lunch I was talking my colleague’s ear off about various technologies I like to use and why I like to use them. I decided to compile a list, which I shared with all my co-workers at IDEO New York. Why stop there? All of these technologies have helped me immensely, so […]
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"And then you’ll see that the flowers are discovering you as well..."
Joerg Student

Botanical Engineering

When I moved to the Bay Area to join IDEO, I had never even heard of Burning Man. But once I got here, it came up almost every time I showed someone my Ha-Ori shelter, a collapsible origami structure I designed and built while studying at the Royal College of Art in London.

"It’s inspiring to see how they make things tangible and make a difference in ways big and small."
Nivi Ramesh

What We’re Reading v2

City of Buried Machines What can we say of the mysterious world beneath us? The stories of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were filled with subterranean habitats: from Tolkien’s dwarven caverns to the underground society of H.G.Wells’s Morlocks to the mirrored dwellings of the dead described by Italo Calvino, the possibility of a universe hidden […]

"Regardless of the technology we’re using or the problem we’re trying to solve, what has really gotten things done is ingenuity and creative thinking."
Mark Harrison

My Four All-Time Favorite Workarounds

In my 15 years at IDEO, I’ve had a hand in roughly 130 projects. Some of the technologies I’ve worked on have become obsolete, like component research that required dozens of part catalogs (now, we just use the Internet). Many, though, have become the foundation for newer technologies, like discrete components, which were developed into MEMS sensors. And some, like the […]

"Figuring out which information you can trust…technology has the potential to salve these kinds of anxieties, but it can just as easily do the opposite."
Francis Tseng

Information Overload

Digital journalism has evolved to a point of paradox: we now have access to such an overwhelming amount of news that it’s actually become more difficult to understand current events.

"As if the computer was a hand holding a brush, I tell it how to paint by defining command codes."
Hailei Wang

Painting with Code

By day, I code mobile apps and design digital experiences. In my free time, I create art.

"The only way to experience an experience is to experience it."
Bill Moggridge

Neat Effects, No Code Required

Bounce, swivel, spin. Today’s interface design is all about making things move. But the tools we use to create those interactions haven’t kept pace with our smart, intuitive enough for a 3-year-old child devices.

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"From stock market know how to the globalization of bananas, here’s a glimpse of what’s on our nightstands and in our RSS feeds."
Andrew Lovett-Barron

What We’re Reading v1

From stock market know-how to the globalization of bananas, here’s a glimpse of what’s on our nightstands and in our RSS feeds. In Defense of Google Flu Trends What are our expectations from technology, and how grounded are these expectations in reality? Alexis Madrigal of The Atlantic explores these questions in an incredibly thoughtful piece […]

"When you're crunching against a tight deadline to design a new-to-the-world digital experience, you do a lot of learning on the fly."
Burton Rast

Tools We Like v2

When you’re crunching against a tight deadline to design a new-to-the-world digital experience, you do a lot of learning on the fly. One of the cornerstones of our design process at IDEO is that we build to learn. I’ve found I work more quickly and effectively prototyping in the browser itself. The global community of […]

"How to make Arduino code act “psuedo-asynchronous” or “multi-threaded”"
Jimmy Chion

A Purse That Can Charge a Phone

For London Fashion Week, Vodafone teamed up with fashion designer Richard Nicoll and IDEO to bring a disruptive solution to life — a purse that charges a phone in style. On day one, we created three prototypes for making our idea catwalk ready. Not only did the phone and bag need to work together, we wanted the […]

"There’s something so delightful about reinventing a classic. People love getting their portrait, and it reminds us that we’re all artists."
Julie Regina

How to Make a Fauxtobooth

There was a lot of work to be done. IDEO’s New York studio was to host an event to celebrate Tom and David Kelley’s new book, Creative Confidence, and whatever we designed had to reflect their ideas. Pressure on, we brainstormed over lunch — tools and sticky notes spread out across the largest room in […]

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"the mind a true internet of things"
The Brain

Coding the “Brain”

I have always been interested in automation. In the wake of cheap computing and other technological advancement, more and more repetitive tasks are being automated, from tax preparation to checkout services to manufacturing to product handling. Recently, I’ve found that maintaining a social media activity feels repetitive. As a result, I’ve wondered, using natural language generation, […]

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"A quick look at our favorite tools for building and prototyping"

Tools We Like v1

Between client projects and personal ventures, IDEO interaction designers and software engineers across our global offices spend a significant amount of time designing and building apps for iPhones and iPads. We’re part of the thousands of iOS developers worldwide beholden to the operating system’s wild popularity and sound frameworks. While we focus on the design […]