Monthly Archives: July 2008

"But when you've got a large screen with multi-touch support, that's when things start to get really interesting"
Kyle Doerkson

Experiments with Multi-touch

At IDEO we’re pretty excited about multi-touch interfaces. Most people who have heard of multi-touch know of it in the context of the iPhone. Being able to use more than one finger on the iPhone’s screen means support for some pretty intuitive interactions. Pinch a map to zoom out. Slide a finger to scroll through […]

"Bringing new ideas to life is an essential part of what we do"
Dave Vondle

Hello World!

Every fresh WordPress blog comes with a Hello world! post. It’s just there – a part of the initial software installation. Coders recognize it as a throwback to the early days of programming (and likely to the first program they themselves ever wrote). It’s also a simple way to show the new blog admin how […]