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July 15, 2008
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Every fresh WordPress blog comes with a Hello world! post. It’s just there – a part of the initial software installation. Coders recognize it as a throwback to the early days of programming (and likely to the first program they themselves ever wrote). It’s also a simple way to show the new blog admin how their blog works.

Normally, one of the first things that admin will do when they set up their blog is to go and remove the Hello world! post. But for this blog, we’ve decided to keep it.

hello, world by oskay.

The feeling a coder has when they see “Hello world!” for the first time on the tool or system they’re creating is a great feeling. You’ve just given birth to something. It’s still young, fragile, and only a hint of what it someday will be. But it’s alive. Something you’ve made with your own two hands is starting to breath. It has begun.

At IDEO we have that that feeling often. Bringing new ideas to life is an essential part of what we do. The first versions are usually rough. They’re early proofs of the concepts, ways of helping us explore, learn, and think. Usually they’re not very pretty. They’re not finished products, after all, but prototypes of what could be.

Most of the time those prototypes don’t get shown to anyone but the client who hired us. But sometimes we do stuff that we can share, and we’ve created this blog to do just that. This is a place where we can offer bits of what we’re working on, talk about cool techniques and share our excitement over the tools that help us create.

It’s also a place where we hope conversations will take place. If you see something you like, leave a comment and let us know. Point us to an even cooler version of whatever it is we’re so jazzed about. Toss in an idea. Ask a ‘what if’…

Hello world!