Interface Input Experimentation

January 21, 2009
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1 minute

Less than a week ago IDEO began a quick open project with Bug Labs, makers of the BUGbase. For those unfamiliar with Bug Labs or their product, here’s a quick overview:

The project is a quick + deep exploration of the BUGbase, focused on re-envisioning the interface with an eye toward integrating new display and input technologies. We expect outcome to feel less like a finished product and more like a concept car — something that will help us learn from users and inform future designs.

This is an experiment on another level too: BugLabs is all about open source, even when it comes to this design project, and that means we have a unique opportunity to invite anyone interested in BUGbase to join us in the process. We’re keeping a dedicated blog here, and have already posted some initial interface concepts. With your feedback, we will devote the remainder of this week to focusing and detailing one or two directions and exploring the feasibility of the associated industrial design and housing-modification solutions.

If you’re interested in Bug Labs or want to participate in the design work we’re doing with them, we invite you to join us at BUG + IDEO.