Our Arduino Mini Shield on SparkFun!

Our Arduino prototyping tool goes live on SparkFun

April 8, 2011
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After requests for the Arduino Mini Shield to be made available for purchase, I spoke with SparkFun to see if they could produce and sell the board.   This way people won’t have to go through the hassle of making a board run and populating them themselves.

Today I was pleasantly surprised to see the “Mini FET Board” on the SparkFun new product page!

The new board is almost identical.  It’s missing the battery charger and the jumper that allows you to reroute a button to pin 2 for wakeup from sleep.  However, it’s easy to get and only $20.

We love seeing when our work gets used or repurposed.  It’s part of the reason we started IDEO Labs.  If there are any other projects out there please let us know in the comments!

Buy it here

The original post along with source files can be found here.