Monthly Archives: March 2012

"You have the physical device, so why can’t it tell you where it's code lives?"
Dave Vondle

Arduino Tool That Connects Each Board to Its Own Source

If you create something with Arduino and put it out into the world, there is no well-established link to the source. If you personally made the device, the source can get lost over time. If you didn’t create it, you could have a tough time tracking the source down. You have the physical device, why […]

"We filmed and assembled a video which captures and communicates the mood of one of our Hack Nights really well."
Arjun Mehta

Bay Area Hack Night

The Interaction Design and Digital community in the Bay Area has been regularly getting together after hours to inspire and learn from each other. It’s a time to play, build and be inspired. But most of all, it’s a time to have fun with friends. Our own Amid Moradganjeh filmed and assembled a video which […]

"Jaminators hacked with Arduinos, connected to Max/MSP patches."
Dave Vondle

Hacked Jaminator Girls Band!

A couple of weeks ago I happened to get an email from a professor at Shizuoka University named Yoichi Nagashima. Five of his students formed “Revolution-J” where they have created five prepared Jaminators hacked with Arduinos, connected to Max/MSP patches. Their detailed build log is in Japanese, but you can still get a basic idea of […]