How We Did It: Meet Rexamus

A robotic dinosaur that responds to your emotions

August 23, 2015
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1 minute

Meet Rexamus, IDEO London’s friendly resident dinosaur. You see, unlike his terrifying cousins in Jurassic World, Rexamus is programmed to embody one of IDEO’s values: empathy.

How? Created by Amsterdam-based 3D printing designer Alan Nguyen as part of our Fortnight creative residency series, Rexamus uses a tiny camera and facial- and emotion-recognition software (courtesy of Audun Mathias Oygard’s Javascript library clmtrckr), to register when someone’s in front of him and interpret their expression. To enable Rexamus to respond, Alan attached 9G servo motors to the dino’s eye and neck, which are controlled by an Arduino Uno: if you’re happy, the eye swivels down. If you’re angry, it swivels up. In order for the Javascript to talk to the Arduino, Alan used and node.js.

To learn more about Alan and his work, visit To check out more about Rexamus and IDEO London’s Fortnight program, visit

Film by the incredibly talented Alex Whiting.