"How Might We Redesign Recess? for Chicago Public Schools’ new longer school day."
Annette Ferrara

IDEO Chicago Make-A-Thon

Inspired by the IDEO Make-a-thon prototyped in the London studio, our Chicago studio launched the first IDEO Make-a-thon in the US as part of Chicago Ideas Week—a city-wide celebration of “sharing ideas, inspiring action, and igniting change to positively impact our world.” Our goal: use design thinking and rapid prototyping to hack and build solutions to […]

"Test-driving the usability of a food-tech startup’s new API."
Annette Ferrara

IDEO + Food Genius Curry Crawl

When the Food Genius team moved into an empty project space at IDEO Chicago to become our first Startup-in-Residence, we were cautiously optimistic. This co-locate-with-startups thing was new to both of us. Would they like us? Would we like them? It was like meeting our first college roommate all over again, only this one had […]