"The most important design practice throughout the entire process was to stay nimble and improvise."
Aaron Soloway

How We Did It: IDEO’s Beach Ball Synth for Moogfest

When Moogfest invited us to design an interactive installation for its annual festival, a convergence of artistry and engineering in the spirit of Bob Moog, pioneer of the analog synthesizer, we had a completely blank slate to work from. For us, this is somewhat abnormal. In our usual design process, we lay out clear constraints […]

"It’s inspiring to see how they make things tangible and make a difference in ways big and small."
Nivi Ramesh

What We’re Reading v2

City of Buried Machines What can we say of the mysterious world beneath us? The stories of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries were filled with subterranean habitats: from Tolkien’s dwarven caverns to the underground society of H.G.Wells’s Morlocks to the mirrored dwellings of the dead described by Italo Calvino, the possibility of a universe hidden […]