"Even though it looks effortless, there must be a world of complexity behind it."
Brad Simpson

How We Did It: Project Edison

It’s easy to rely on clichés and buzzwords when describing Silicon Valley, but expressing an authentic sense of place is a much more nuanced task. IDEO began working with Joie de Vivre hotels on their new Silicon Valley location, The Epiphany, before the building was even constructed, figuring out how to communicate the innovation and idealism […]

"We brought hardcore genetics to life with Ralph's Killer Muenster, an iPad game inviting the science-curious to save San Francisco from mutant cheese"
Brad Simpson

Save the City, Stop the Muenster

1953 was a good year for science and technology. The polio vaccine was developed, the first open heart surgery performed, and color TVs hit the store shelves. It was also the year Watson and Crick revealed one of the most important discoveries of the 20th century: the double-helix structure of DNA. Sixty years later, amidst […]

"We got a Kinect to play around with and learn about the possibilities it offers for ... straight-up awesome."
Brad Simpson

Kinect Interactivity Demo

I’m sure by now everyone in the world has seen some ‘hack’ involving a Microsoft Kinect and some clever programming. Microsoft’s Kinect is a computer-vision dream come true; an infrared depth sensor with impressive resolution and a standard RGB video camera. Throw in some microphones for sound capture and you have a force to be reckoned with.

With all of the crazy possibilities that the Microsoft Kinect offers, we got a Kinect for the Palo Alto office to play around with and learn about the possibilities it offers for storytelling, prototyping, and straight-up awesome. Click through to read more on what’s going on behind the scenes of this video and the source to get a version of your own up and running!