"People building and integrating their tech into a physical working rig."

Down On The (Digital) Farm

Techies, rejoice! Nerd Night is a semi-regular gathering here at IDEO in London, where the community indulges our geekiest passions, explores the edges of making, and learns about new and emerging technologies. In past editions we’ve invented weird machines with Sam Labs’ connected blocks, drawn on iPads in 3D with Gravity Sketch, and sketched in […]

"Unlike his terrifying cousins in Jurassic World, Rexamus is programmed to embody one of IDEO’s values: empathy."
Ed White

How We Did It: Meet Rexamus

Meet Rexamus, IDEO London’s friendly resident dinosaur. You see, unlike his terrifying cousins in Jurassic World, Rexamus is programmed to embody one of IDEO’s values: empathy.

"Internet-connected things are set to reshape our lives in ways we can’t even imagine"
Miha Feus

Beachsand and the Talking Bell

The bell that rings in the kitchen at IDEO London sounds rather more sophisticated than the analogue clang you might expect to hear when meals and snacks are ready. Our bell prefers to send articulate email messages, like this recent missive: “I summon you all to the kitchen table for a Beer-n-Nuts with [Arduino co-founder] Massimo […]