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"Once a project captures my imagination, there's no going back."
Barry Lachapelle

Just Skeu It

A few times a year, I’ll come across something—maybe an object or system; maybe just an idea—and I’m overwhelmed with a burning urge to translate it into code and design. It’s a practice usually referred to as skeuomorphism, and once a project captures my imagination, there’s no going back.

"I am a designer my development followed my design."
Jake Blakeley

Building a Better Blog

On May 24, 2014, I arrived in New York City to begin a summer internship at IDEO. It was my first time in the city, and a completely new experience for me—I had never left Canada for an extended amount of time before. Naturally, I wanted to create a memoir of my adventures that I could […]

"Digital tools open up new ways for us to engage with people."
Dan Perkel

Digital Tools for Design Research

Design research is about understanding real people in the context of their everyday lives and then using what we learn to inspire our work. This loose definition may conjure up a narrow set of methods, but at IDEO, we’re broad in our approach: Design research here is not any one thing, and it’s informed by the […]

"As if the computer was a hand holding a brush, I tell it how to paint by defining command codes."
Hailei Wang

Painting with Code

By day, I code mobile apps and design digital experiences. In my free time, I create art.

"Hardware sketches are the tools or building blocks of technology design."

Sketching in Hardware

IDEO’s Fabricio Dore (Munich) has published an article at Core77 about the virtues of hardware sketching and prototyping. Though admittedly biased, we recommend the piece to all you hands-on hackers out there… Hardware sketches are the tools or building blocks of technology design. They allow the designer to explore experiences mediated by products or staged […]